TicketCo UK Limited - terms and conditions for end-users

Last revised: 13 November 2017 Version- UK 1.0

1. The Agreement

TicketCo UK Limited, Company number 109 73 286, ("TicketCo") offers a ticket distribution system (the "Service") to event organisers. The tickets TicketCo distribute are purchased from the event organisers.

By using the Service to purchase tickets, you accept the event organiser's terms and conditions for ticket purchases. The ticket price and your rights and obligations in relation to TicketCo and the event organiser are derived from the currently applicable terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") and the event organiser's terms and conditions.

In the Terms and Conditions, "ticket" refers to the physical or digital proof of the right to a service and/or product from the event organiser, including passes, season cards, vouchers, and gift cards.

2. Conclusion of contract

By purchasing a ticket, you accept the Terms and Conditions. TicketCo reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without warning. Similarly, TicketCo reserves the right to block end-users who, in connection with using the Services, commit breaches of UK law, the Terms and Conditions, or the event organiser's terms and conditions.

You must be at least 15 years old to purchase tickets via TicketCo. Event organisers may set a higher minimum age in their terms and conditions. If they do, it is this higher minimum age that applies. You must confirm that you are old enough to buy tickets when you order.

TicketCo distributes tickets to lawful events that are not covered by TicketCo's subcontractors' restrictions and for distribution to countries with which it is legal to trade. Checks are made of new events. If, given their nature, TicketCo comes to suspect that it would not want to, or be able to, contribute to an event organiser’s activities after tickets have been sold, TicketCo reserves the right to refrain from dispatching tickets until the nature of the event has been clarified. If the tickets cannot be issued, TicketCo will try to return any payments less deductions for the fees/charges applicable at any given time.

As a general rule, no right of cancellation applies to ticket purchases unless the event is cancelled.

3. Limited use

Without special agreement with TicketCo, you are assumed not to be operating as a business. You may not, without special agreement, distribute, change, publish, monitor and/or interfere with materials published or distributed by TicketCo.

4. Data protection

By using the Services or permitting someone to use the services on your behalf, you consent to TicketCo collecting, storing, using, processing and transmitting your personal data to affiliated companies, subcontractors and contractual parties, including the event organiser from which you bought the tickets. Furthermore, you consent to TicketCo sending you information about the Services until you actually withdraw your consent to receive such information.

In order to improve your user experience, TicketCo may store cookies on your local hard drive. You may choose to deactivate cookies in your web browser.

TicketCo processes personal data in accordance with the applicable regulations for processing personal data at any given time and with the aim of processing personal data in accordance with basic privacy protection considerations, including the need for personal integrity, privacy protection, and ensuring personal data is of satisfactory quality.

You may review the information that is registered about you at any given time by contacting TicketCo a support@ticketco.uk . Demands to correct and/or delete personal data could affect TicketCo's ability to deliver Services, including because event organisers often stipulate a requirement that the end-user must be identifiable in order to gain admission to the event. Therefore, TicketCo advises against deleting your profile, especially before you have received full settlement from the event organiser. Neither TicketCo nor the event organiser will be liable for problems in delivering the Services and/or any services from the event organiser that the deletion or incorrect registration of information may entail.

5. Payment means and security

TicketCo accepts various payment means such as VISA and MasterCard. TicketCo only uses PCI-certified PSP technologies for payment transactions.

TicketCo's website is protected by technologies such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and PCI-certified Web Application Fire Wall. Your personal and user data is encrypted to avoid misuse. Until payment is made to the event organiser and TicketCo, paid in funds will be held in a trust account separate from TicketCo's own funds.

If you choose to use TicketCo's recurring contracts solution in which your card information can be stored for later purchases, you accept that your card number can be stored. Your card number is safely stored at our payment processor Adyen ( https://www.adyen.com ).

6. TicketCo's service fees

TicketCo enters into an agreement with each individual event organiser concerning coverage of its fees. The fees TicketCo charges to the event organiser will thus either be included in the ticket price or stated in the event organiser's terms and conditions for end-users. When refunding ticket purchases, TicketCo reserves the right to deduct its fees and cover its refund expenses before the remaining amount is refunded to an end-user.

7. Dispatch and delivery of tickets

Tickets and/or purchase confirmations are normally sent to the registered email address and/or telephone number within one hour of the payment transaction being approved.

You are liable for ensuring that the correct and current contact data are registered. If the ticket is not received within the expected time, please check your spam filter and/or contact TicketCo at support@ticketco.uk or use other the support channels offered by TicketCo (website, Facebook message, or telephone).

8. Refunds

Demands for refunds must be sent to refund@ticketco.uk and the event organiser, without unnecessary delay, after you have become aware of the reasons for claiming a refund. Demands for refunds may be based on invalidity or material breaches of the agreement with the event organiser, including fraud or cancellations. TicketCo bears no liability for the quality of the event organiser's services. TicketCo's entitlement to fees and the coverage of refund expenses will not be refunded from TicketCo and must, therefore, be demand as a refund directly from the event organiser.

9. Your responsibilities

You are responsible for purchasing the correct ticket and the correct number of tickets, registering the correct contact data, paying on time, and safeguarding your tickets, username and password. In the event of any defects in the Services, you have an obligation to complain within a reasonable period of time.

10. Guarantees and liability

TicketCo will perform the Services with reasonable proficiency and diligence. TicketCo does not guarantee that the product or service from the event organiser will live up to your expectations.

You can only plead liability on the part of TicketCo and TicketCo's partners, employees, assistants and offices for direct losses caused by wilful or gross negligence. The aforementioned liability is, under any circumstances, limited to the amount TicketCo charges for the Services.

11. Dispute resolution

This agreement is governed by UK law are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. The parties have an obligation to seek to resolve any dispute amicably. End-users may choose to bring the matter before the ordinary courts.