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Madam Nielsen's salon #1 with Julie Otsuka


As the founder of the salon tradition, Marquise de Rambouillet, Madame Nielsen invites guests into her private bedroom. And here, intimately lounging, sitting or even dancing in her heavenly bed, she enchants the guests with her own songs, accompanied by piano tunes; she recites poems and reads excerpts from her novels. Now and then she discourses on the great themes of our days and expresses her unreserved opinions on these.

In each city Madame hosts a salon, she will invite an outstanding female being – philosopher, artist, politician or chief executive officer – with whom she, in the aftermath of the aesthetic-musical part, will be able to discuss the vision and possibility of a feminine future of our planet. 

To the first edition of the Kapittel salons, Madame Nielsen has invited Julie Otsuka, one of the literary stars at this year's festival.


Som sin forgjenger, grunnleggerinnen av salongtradisjonen, Marquise de Rambouillet, inviterer Madame Nielsen gjestene inn i soverommet sitt. Og her fortryller hun gjestene med egne sanger, dikt og utdrag fra romaner, kun avbrutt av lett diskusjon rundt vår tids store temaer.

Til fredagens salong inviterer Madame Nielsen en av de mest fremtredende kvinnelige forfattere på årets Kapittelprogram, japansk-amerikanske Julie Otsuka.

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