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Trans-Atlantic connections / Transatlantiske forbindelser #1


In two events during the festival, we focus on literary connections and movements between Europe and Latin-America. Friday, we have invited one of Colombia's leading authors – Juan Gabriel Vásquez – to talk about the incluence of Joseph Conrad on Colombian literature, and his own writing.

Also, editor, producer and literary consultant Philippe Olle Laprune, who has worked extensively with cultural exchanges between France and Latin-America, will talk about the French surrealists' dealings in Mexico.


Fredag og lørdag under festivalen setter vi fokus på litterære forbindelser mellom Europa og Latin-Amerika. Fredag snakker Juan Gabriel Vásquez om Jospeh Conrads påvirkning på kolombiansk litteratur, og Philippe Olle Laprune om surrealistene i Mexico.

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