Solstafir (IS)


SÒLSTAFIR are different. Their unique blend of metal with beautiful melodies, psychedelic moments and a strong undercurrent of classic / hard rock comes as varied and at times appealingly bizarre as the landscapes of their native Iceland. SÒLSTAFIR's music is as much the product of Arctic blizzards as of red hot volcanic magma, erupting geysers, lush green pastures, and salty waves. Their latest universally acclaimed full-length 'Òtta' (2014) took the band to international fame and Solstafir has played festivals all over the world the last years. Solstafir just released the video "Dagmál" to mark the end of the Òtta album-era and are now writing on a new album. Solstafir's icelandic melancholy folk combined with vast atmospheric hard rock hits you right at the core of your heart and lay a premise of an experience out of this world