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Winter Tales


A 20 minute video-on-demand you can watch anytime.
Premiered 17.03.2022, available until 01.01.2026 !

To watch the show, simply choose the amount of tickets you want, confirm by clicking the yellow button, proceed and... enjoy !

This is a set of études combining artistic figure skating, classical music and poetry - with beautiful Norwegian nature as a scenography.
Each ´tale´ will take you to a unique place - not only visually, but also in terms of the music and text.
Etudes take form of solo, duett and trio and are performed on frozen lakes in Norway.
There is something magical with being close to nature -also, or perhaps especially, when you are at its mercy.
It helps channel the emotions and stories you want to tell. And when you add to that the music of Bach, Grieg, Satie and Schubert, combined with the texts by Goethe, Müller or Wordsworth, with skaters dancing on the surface of a frozen lake - you get a quite special combination.
So, if you like figure skating, poetry, classical music, or beautiful landscapes - then this show is for you !

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